I can't connect (Blink Up) my NivelSonic to my local WiFi Network.

- Make sure that your local WiFi network is properly working.

- Make sure that your are using the correct WiFi netowrk.

- Make sure that your are entering the correct password for your local WiFi netowrk.

- Make sure that your phone's display luminocity is high when Blinking Up your device.

- Make sure that your mobile phone is getting a string signal from your local WiFi network.

- Make sure that you are blinking your device when the LED is flashing red. As soon as the Blink Up process starts, the blinking should stop, after the flashing is done the LED should blink green a few times if it connected to your local WiFi network, if it didn't you will continue to see the LED blinking red. Unplug the NivelSonic device and try again.

I'm not getting level readings.

- Make sure that your local WiFi network is working properly.

- Make sure that your sensor is connected properly.

- Make sure that your sensor cable hasn't been damaged.

- Make sure that your NivelSonic device has power, unplug it and plugn it back in and see if the LED blinks green and the blue signaling that it has connected to your local WiFi network and that the sensor is taking readings.

Inaccurate Readings

- Inaccurate readings can be caused by objects blocking the clear path from the sensor to the water surface. Remove anything that is blocking the clear path, such as the buoy from fill up valve, PVC pipes or any other objects that could be blocking the signal from the sensor.

- Verify that the offset value under the settings page, is correct.

The location of my tank is not correct in the Google Map

The location coordinates are set automaticaly when the NivelSonic device is connected to your local WiFi network during the Blink Up process. Different situations can cause the coordinates not to load. If your mobile phone didn't have Location Services turned on, that will impede the NivelSonic app from getting the location coordinates. Also, if you were inside a building or a house where the cell phone network signal is not strong, that can cause an inaccurate location coordinate.

To resolve the issue you can do two things. One would be to perform the Blink Up process again making sure that the Location Service in your phone are turned on and that your cell phone's network signal is strong. The second option would be to go to Google Maps, find your home location, click your location on the map to display the address and coordinates, and copy and paste the coordinates into the Lat, Lot fields in the Settings web page.

I'm not getting Alert Notifications.

Makes sure that Notification Services are turned on for the NivelSonic app in your mobile phone.

I'm not getting Alert Emails.

Make sure that the email you entered in the Settings Page is correct and Check your junk mail folder.

My water tank overflowed and my sensor got damaged, how can avoid this from happening?

On the side of your tank, bllow the sensor and 1 or 2 cm above the highest water level in your tank, dril one 2 cm overflow hole to drain in the event that your water supply valve falis. You can cover the hole with a small piece of screen mesh to avoid insects from going inside your tank.


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